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Bio -Corona hit on-course bookmaker -Suffer from seconditus @ punting
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iPhone : Steve ward Stan Dodd Sky Sports When they get the trophy there will be only a few pigeon’s in the stand tweeting away while the fans burn the city or attack the police , am still disappointed you associate your self with them the scenes how they have behaved is shocking , no wonder the world doesn’t like them

iPhone : Icy Tentacles . Denis Pilbara wouldn’t of been allowed to win either if they didn’t get pulled in for the 1st ... after they got the tug for The shunter they had to let the 3pm ride his race
It makes ya wanna give betting up - you have no chance , only team Red Kelly was celebrating last night !!

iPhone : Icy Tentacles They only win when they want them to win , if you’re on when they do then consider ya self lucky , I thought Yuften at Dundalk was a stroke but that Shunter performance was something else

iPhone : Steve ward
Ya 24hrs is up
We ant got 30yrs to spare to listen to you banging on about a league title , slow down now Wardy even trigger was smart sometimes & even scousers are allowed to win a title now & again (30yrs+) change the record will ya ffs

iPhone : Steve ward That was you son face full of worry about to be knocked out... que the man u wasn’t in the Champ League that night 🙄 as you remember i had to buy anti laughing tablets the day after 😜

iPhone : Stan Dodd Steve ward Let me tell you in Manchester as a boy growing up it was RED and today it’s STILL RED !
Anyway enjoy the day you have earned it 1100+days is long enough to wait & now you explained why you support that rubbish I’ll let you off , See you at the Ebor Wardy 🤞🏻

iPhone : Stan Dodd Steve ward Steve were i grew up in Manchester if you supported Man City there was something wrong with you , if you supported Liverpool you was a minority like supporting bolton or wigan but from Nottinghamshire how / why do you support those scouse cu*ts 😂😂

iPhone : Sky News say only FOUR arrests have been made. 15 officers injured. Criminal damage to police vehicles. I’m struggling to see why this isn’t the main news item on all of our broadcasters? Anarchy that our police cannot control in our capital city.

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iPhone : Adam Swann But you will be on course if allowed to go back ?
Surely you are safer on a racecourse with reduced crowds than that of protesting in large groups or going ikea for a new rug so yea am one of those chomping at the bit alright 👍🏻
Let’s be positive 🤞🏻

iPhone : Gary Wiltshire Not a problem Gary be a year to the day you called me to say thankyou for lending you the battery - mind you with the last 3 jolly’s going in might have been cheaper to just keep the board off 😂