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Twitter Web App : Group “Muslims For Abolition” backed by sharia-apologist Linda Sarsour ignores that Islam Allows Slavery #MAGA #KAG clarionproject.org/muslims-for-ab…

Twitter Web App : Someone needs to find this veteran & ask him to say his piece/interview him
#TheWorldRespectsYouEvenIfAntifaDoesnt twitter.com/totemranch613/…

Twitter Web App : Democrats used George Floyd’s death to emergency fund raise for Joe Biden’s campaign. They used B L M to raise money for their candidate. They used black emotion to raise millions for JOE BIDEN. And he’s a racist👇

Let that sink in. #WakeUpAmerica

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Twitter Web App : Let's not forget this November:

Secret Service records show Hunter Biden never was in Ukraine before getting big job with Burisma.

His father, Joe Biden got him the $83,300 a month job there.

Rt if you agree.

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Twitter Web App : Shootings in Chicago are up 22 percent from Jan 2020 to March 2020 compared to the same period in 2019

When will Chicago take violent crime as seriously as they are taking the Coronavirus?

I thought BLM?

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Twitter Web App : Will Somebody PLEASE Tell Nancy Pelosi Donald Trump Did NOT Call Wuhan Virus a ‘Hoax’? Nancy Pelosi

Well, you know what to do, patriots! Let her know!