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Android : #Waterfalls are such a sense of wonder to me... I love 💓 nothing more than hearing the sound of water & instantly feel #relaxed 😌 Whilst #wandering RBGE yesterday with Adam, we came across the #rockgarden and this!!! 🥰😍

#waterfallwednesday #Edinburgh #go

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Android : Happy #WorldElephantDay 🐘

Today, l am reminded the importance of making time to speak to the locals, rangers, the people that care and interact with these animals; #wildlife so to problem solve the issues we face 🌍

#WildlifeWednesday #ElephantDay
#travel #nature #Africa

Android : If you're curious about travel in Africa and/or African travellers in + out of the continent, hop on MwendeBwino pod for unique stories like these. 👇Get ideas for your next African country destination…

Android : I think there are a couple conversations to be heard around the topic of #wildlife conservation.

You might find this book by MOgada & video below helpful in understanding the dynamics in these communities, I certainly did

#WorldElephantsDay #elephants…

Android : Tonight, I remember Shirley Chisholm. In 1972, she said: “I want history to remember me not as the first Black woman to run for the presidency, but as a Black woman who lived in the 20th century and dared to be herself.” Rep. Chisholm paved the way for Senator Harris. An icon.

Android : Fit🌞Life🌞Travel Yosemite National Park SOS Travel WhereGalsWander Live a Memory Journeys of a Lifetime Alana | Course Charted ✈ Make them all Trips of a Lifetime Karen Mellott-Foshier Seema TravelingSession Dancing Pandas 🌍✈️ Linda Liz Hubbard That’s a beautiful ‘Speechless Spot’ shot, Shannon!

The places that instantly come to mind for speechless moments during my #travels are Lake Louise, AB and Endicott Arm (which is dotted with waterfalls) & Dawes Glacier, AK.

What about you Jane 🇨🇦 Travel with Irine?

Android : it's that time again! looking to feature more art on our IG page. reply to this thread with art and your handles !

Android : Happy #WorldElephantDay 🌐

Lets protect this gentle giants #travelwithirine 🐘

#WednesdayWisdom #ElephantDay
#wellbeingwednesday #nature
#Africa #elephants #photography

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