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Bio Scientist, lecturer, rock climber, former Candidate for U.S. Senate (D-CO) She/her
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iPhone : Thank you Trish Zornio for investing your time and effort in the pursuit of public service. Though serving in the US Senate didn’t work out for you at this time, you elevated the issues and brought a needed focus on science. Thank you.

iPhone : Jared Polis Thank you, Jared, this means a lot to me. 😊 I’ve always had a fondness for your data-driven approach & casual tweets on quantum mechanics. Keep leading the way & thanks for all your efforts on COVID-19!

iPhone : ColoradoCarol Andrew Romanoff No, he’s really not... his campaign is basically going broke (may not even be able to pay for staff through the primary), he’s $10 MILLION behind Gardner, little name ID & lost two past federal races. Trust me, admitting defeat isn’t easy, I know! But defeating Gardner is #1.

iPhone : Samwise Gomezgee Hi Sam, this is 100% the best way to move Democrats & all the causes we care about forward. The Q1 reports & covid changed the game. Campaigning is natural, John is our best chance to beat Gardner.

iPhone : @TracyAbell Andrew Romanoff Hi Tracy, it’s critical to defeat Gardner & Romanoff isn’t the choice for that. He’s nearly out of funds, is ~$10M behind Gardner, has lost 2 federal races in a decade, & has low name ID statewide. (Also, a poor record on immigration/climate as Speaker of House). John can win.

iPhone : kijib So... you know Romanoff didn’t support Sanders in the 2016 primary (he openly supported Hillary Clinton) or in the 2020 primary (he voted Warren, I asked him), right?