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Android : David Hood It would have been better to spread out over a lot more of the city centre (despite the extra disruption). And maybe worth supplying masks, even if the city had to pay for them.

Android : David Hood Suppose the demonstration had a 1 in 10,000 chance of producing a big cluster (which seems ballpark right). Even 0.0001 of the cost of an Auckland lockdown is serious expected damage.

Twitter Web App : David Spiegelhalter Their 'Diagnosis tool' goes from a probability of <2% for fever and 5 days of symptoms to 98.6% for fever and 6 days of symptoms. Then back down to near zero if you add "sore throat"

Twitter Web App : James Curran I thought I'd bought it on Google bools, but it was actually one of the last things I bought before Amazon stopped letting me use the US store.

Twitter Web App : And my #rstats translation:…

Twitter Web App : Lots of people now know in some theoretical sense that machine learning algorithms can pick up bias from the data. But's nice to have a really concrete example, which is why I use Robyn Speer's "How to make a racist AI without really trying"…

Twitter Web App : Richard Easther Lyndon Hood It *can* be used that way, but that's neither necessary nor sufficient -- the example that started this off wasn't passive but did eliminate agency, and the "mayor's brother" example couldn't go further in specifying agency.

Twitter Web App : Lyndon Hood Richard Easther Part of the issue is that the passive is traditionally and legitimately used in the press for some police actions -- eg "The peaceful demonstrator was arrested at 15th and Main" -- because the police are the only ones who arrest people

Twitter Web App : Lyndon Hood Richard Easther Language Log puts it in terms of clauses, which I find helpful:

"A child playing on the footpath was struck" is a passive *clause*: the subject is missing, which is the point of the "by zombies" test. It's still passive if the subject is supplied later.