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iPhone : My high school couldn’t even keep soap and toilet paper restocked. You really think they’re going to be able to sanitize schools properly to reopen?

iPhone : I never thought I would be doing this but my little brother is MISSING His name is Marley Montaque. He’s 6’1 155 pds brown eyes, black hair, his hair is twisted. TWO Birth marks on his stomach. Please contact 347-679-2867

iPhone : Give lil mama the same clout as the other grateful baby!!!

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iPhone : anesia According To My Calculations..Because The Day Before Yesterday Was Wednesday And The Day After That Was Thursday. It Makes Sense That The Day Before Sunday Is Saturday Minus 24 Hours You Get...Friday.

iPhone : plant-based mid-day meals:

- spring rolls
- baked edamame
- stuffed bell peppers
- grilled garlic zucchini
- roasted sweet potatoes
- stuffed tacos w/ spicy guac
- baked zucchini w/ chili flakes
- roasted tomatoes w/ avocado + basil
- spicy avocado toast w/ tomatoes + cucumbers

iPhone : i play a lot.

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iPhone : so we shut down schools when there was a couple hundred cases but we should open them when we have thousands & still going up. Ok. This is an attack on the working class & low income students. & this is exactly why:

iPhone : bringing this back to the timeline because other designers have attempted to do the same and haven’t come close to the perfection of Hanifa’s show…

iPhone : My guys are killing it. Young black men supporting our communities through to see it😤💪🏽

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