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iPhone : zf it literally takes zero effort and energy to not post this. like just sit there. yet he spent all that energy to do just that :/

iPhone : Don’t use milk to flush ur eyes out!!!! This explains why!!!

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iPhone : The police kneeling with and hugging protesters is like when your abusive boyfriend brings you flowers after hurting you. when he makes a grand gesture of love in front of your friends. It’s to pressure you into forgiveness, it’s manipulation, it’s abuse. Don’t fall for it.

iPhone : CHICAGO: If anyone has any information on her please reach out! twitter.com/lunaxshalom/st…

iPhone : shorty in the car ahead of them waving at cameras. this is what i’m talking about. it’s really a whole different world for them. twitter.com/chimdesires/st…

iPhone : if you are white & you still haven’t been vocal about the gross racism that’s killing POC - there’s still time to get your shit together. don’t ignore what’s going on bc you think it doesn’t affect you. IT DOES. sign petitions, post on ur socials, donate, protest. links below⤵️

iPhone : LET BLACK PEOPLE LEAD THE PROTESTS. White people stop destroying property on behalf of the BLM movement. Your actions harms black lives!!!! You should be at the protests listening, supporting, and standing by black people.

iPhone : White people at #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd protests. You are our guests. Your job is not to spray paint, break shit, loot. That is not your right. Your job is to do everything you can do to put your bodies between Black bodies because you know they’ll actually do something if you die


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iPhone : #Anonymous is hitting the U.S. government from all vectors right now. Police departments nationwide are monitoring their cybersecurity and Trump is very agitated about the Epstein case resurfacing after investing so much time and money to kill the story among other things.

iPhone : Chicago PD Y’all. The same officers they send to Boystown for Pride, Market Days, etc
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iPhone : Me at home watching protestors on the TV & social media as I send donations to the bail funds for those that are caught:

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