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Android : i can't believe im technically still a junior because i have to retake my entire junior year because i failed it that badly this is so embarrassing.. everyone my age is graduating next summer while ill be going into my senior year

Android : 😭??

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Android : i dropped an icecube on the floor while making ice coffee and my cat is just. sliding it across the kitchen floor and running after it i can't do this

Android : GOOD MORNING 👍👍💪

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Android : twitter cropping... couldnt fit da whole vid

my editing skills were put to waste as i was forced to make a lunatics as vines — jae 🙁

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Android : lunatics gc rlly makes my day better i love those people so much :(( i love my friends

Android : Honestly breaks my heart that she has to come out here and make a video, after being humiliated, to educate people on something that should already be well known…

Android : lunatics gc on discord call while im talking

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