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Dr. Catherine Kehl

Bio Martial artist biomechanic. CSadist. Queer, cranky. She/They

PhD Neurobio, @QBESlab. Bio-robotics, EM navigation, squishy biomech.

#StayHome #WashYourHands

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Twitter Web App : The best. (I mean, I know mantis shrimp better than animal crossing...) twitter.com/hsifyppah/stat…

Twitter Web App : There is no comparison more specious and dishonest these days than comparing flu impacts (with almost no measures taken) to COVID impacts (with unprecedented measures taken). It's like going down in a shark cage and saying "See? Sharks are no more dangerous than haddock."

Twitter Web App : Elizabeth Bear I have a former student / protege who has done a lot of work with bears, which has left me pretty chill as long as we can give each other distance (good considering where I live*) I haven't had them that close. Sometimes on the back hill?

* Hiking also contributed.

Twitter Web App : Sarah Tuttle It's in the mid nineties here... which means I might hang out on the porch in the late evening, but while my heat tolerance has improved, it's not really lazing about outside weather.

Twitter Web App : Universities are claiming they need to bring students back to campus so they can have “the college experience,” while simultaneously promising they’ll enact policies that would prevent that experience from happening. College life is simply not safe during a raging pandemic.

Twitter Web App : sometimes I feel like the socialist in “democratic socialists of america” is serving as the adjective, but the democratic should be tbqh.

where are the socialists that game the democratic system to affect real change instead of using it to get off in meetings???