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Twitter Web App : If you think this can't happen to you because you live "in a good neighborhood" you're woefully mistaken. Thankful that no one lost their life, infuriated that this shit can happen in the first place. twitter.com/fvckredd/statu…

iPhone : The internet kills me daily

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iPhone : Ryan Ken What about the ol staple “I hope you’re doing well in this crazy time”, or the Q3 version of that Q1 classic “I hope this crazy time has you doing well”

Twitter Web App : I’m pretty sure anyone can achieve “brilliant businessman” status if it entails getting $400,000,000 from Father throughout ones life only to end up $400,000,000 in debt by the time one hits 70.

iPhone : Guys if my dog is right and we can just pee on things to fix them I’ve got the perfect idea for Q4 2020