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Twitter Web App : I miss when we had presidents with manners and who would never reject science during a pandemic. Like when Reagan and his staff openly joked about Americans who had AIDS during the AIDS pandemic and just let them die.

Twitter Web App : we organizers need to reclaim the idea of domain expertise because we are the ones who ACTUALLY HAVE IT

Twitter Web App : left suspicions of technocracy aren't rooted in the idea that competence is bad. they are rooted in the truth, which that the perception of competence is gatekept by absolute dinguses with power and the "correct" credentials. that's the whole reason someone like McElwee exists

Twitter Web App : I can't tell you how many times someone with Wonk cachet but absolutely zero domain knowledge has approached me with "the problem with the tenants rights movement is that they haven't done [X]" and I have to take time out of my day to explain to them that yes, we have, you jagoff

Twitter Web App : this is the kind of brainless, easily falsifiable statement that organizers have to deal with from wannabe technocrat wonk "ideas guys" and credulous national journalists…

iPhone : SF boomers think they're champions of the downtrodden because they dropped acid with their friends at cal twice in 1965 and wore a bunch of tie dye before they became patent attorneys

iPhone : so much of SF politics is what happens when you a) let awful wealthy hippies think they're progressive heroes and b) fail to keep them from rewriting the way your government operates to suit themselves