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iPhone : If there's one thing I can assure you of, it's that landlords do not, in fact, "love" rent control

Truly a galaxy-brain scale take here twitter.com/kahnvex/statusā€¦

iPhone : Das Cakes sam deutsch Iā€™m neither white nor male. I donā€™t need to be told by anyone that Iā€™m selling out for expressing public sympathy for someone Iā€™ve never supported. if it happened to either of his 2016 or 2020 opponents, my friends, Iā€™d be outside their apartments with a baseball bat right now

iPhone : Das Cakes sam deutsch gentrification and displacement are gross but itā€™s also completely fair to point out that far right trolls going after anyone personally is scary and gross; if anything maybe liberals will be more aware of what socialists have to deal with instead of calling us LARPers

iPhone : Iā€™m very curious what work these statements are supposed to do...one can critique the vacuous nature of popular corporate anti-racism and not frame it as the reason we have generational residential segregation... twitter.com/conor64/statusā€¦

iPhone : being an RC tenant in California, when Costa-Hawkins and the Ellis Act exist unchallenged in the state legislature, is both a stroke of luck and also a massive bullseye on your back that you feel every day of your life