UK Rants: Dont buy Bercows propriety, its bad. (@uk_rants )

UK Rants: Dont buy Bercows propriety, its bad.

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Twitter Web App : To then allow the exact equivalent to fascists, #AntiFa, to be an arbiter of what is/isn't fascism seems to be putting a fox into the hen house politically.
Q: Why are people falling for this garbage?
A: Because media have decided genocidal Communism is OK now. It's their thing.

Twitter Web App : #AntiFa supporters want you to believe the solution to the "Fascism" they see all around, is to use the flip side, Communism.
Same thing, only in a different colour.
Authoritarianism, gulags, mass murder & corruption off-the-scale.
Communists are the same thing as Fascists. Trash

Twitter Web App : Harry Tangye Most still do, Harry, that's never changed.
Like us all, frontline cops have to deal with a politically childish hierarchy.
Leaves frontline with blame for the decisions of others.
They'd toss their own officers to the media wolves for political expedience too.

Twitter Web App : The Left: "#AntiFa are Anti-Fascist, sure it says so in the name".
Also the Left: "Islamic State (ISIS) are nothing to do with Islam. They can call themselves whatever they like & it makes it no less true".

Twitter Web App : Antifa gets it’s name (and logo) from the German organisation Antifaschistiche Aktion, a 1930s Communist outfit.
You know, “literal” communists that of course, as an ideology, never suppressed, imprisoned and murdered their own citizens in the tens of millions.…

Twitter Web App : "Police just attacked everybody, for no reason" is bollox.
Cops, worldwide, operate the same way.
#1 Identify target arrests
#2 Rush the crowd, driving it back, while you make them.
It's basic policing. There are no "attacks".…

Twitter Web App : Hyenas spot their prey. The media wont cover this one either.

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Twitter Web App : Oddly Americans focus on 1 murder, like it's not happening across the board.
Your problem isn't race, 'Merica, it's that circus you've let run things these past decades.
Your country is a mess, of their making.
It's odd that you resist change so much.…

Twitter Web App : Le Creuset Fiend All the old horror films with a "Corporation takes over the world" theme are playing out.
There's nothing the international corporations aren't dabbling in now.
They decide what we see, what he hear, and govts are becoming subservient to them.
It's a bubble that will burst.

Twitter Web App : #AntiFa is paid-for political thuggery, using the sinister mixed with the gullible, who are simply making the numbers up as indoctrinated fodder.
It is literally everything it pretends to stand against.
The luvvies who "support" it haven't got a clue about much, let's face it.