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iPhone : Both Democrats and Republicans have been drifting further and further right for decades. Now you have Democrats voting against bringing minimum wage to $15 an hour when it should be closer to double that if kept in line with inflation. This country hates its own people.

iPhone : God I love animals so much 😭

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iPhone : In 1990, my parents had the opportunity to buy the 3 bedroom house they were renting in Huntington Beach for $90,000. They moved to Corona instead. The same house they were renting is now worth almost $1,000,000. Housing prices are so stupid it’s not even funny.

iPhone : I simp hard for Dodgers prospect DJ Peters. This man’s forearms are bigger than my thighs 😳

iPhone : There are really people out there that would tweet stuff like, “scream-cry moshing to (terrible pop-punk band)” and it would get like one hundred million likes