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Twitter Web App : it's not as if they had to rely on a shipment of tear gas canisters from China - they've been sitting on this stockpile, waiting for any opportunity to use them.

maybe they have a massive surplus because tear gas is *checks notes* banned from wars.

Twitter Web App : “You cannot enjoy the rhythm and ignore the blues”

This is incredibly powerful from Clara Amfhome on the death of George Floyd, racism and its effect on her own mental health.

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Twitter Web App : christ i'd almost forgotten you have a two party system. it's trump vs everyone else, and that everyone else now includes war criminals provided they make a statement a few years later apologising. the US is fucked

Twitter Web App : I guess i'm naive but it's amazing the extent to which ubiquitous video recording hasn't mattered at all. You see video that challenges your beliefs and it doesn't make a dent at all, you just say the video is out of context or whatever

Twitter Web App : George W. Bush is now piping up about racial injustice.

judging by how he handled Hurricane Katrina, Im not buying it.

are you?

Twitter Web App : Has anybody heard anything from the Republican Senators who acquitted Trump in his impeachment trial a few months ago? Think any of them want a do-over?

Android : This is ridiculous.

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Android : *Ralph Wiggum voice*
I’m helping

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Twitter Web App : These protesters in Seattle are literally chanting “we don’t see no riot here, take off your riot gear” & doing nothing else but standing peacefully when the police start throwing tear gas & firing into them

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Twitter Web App : I don’t know how you could live with yourself after doing this to kneeling protestors

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Twitter Web App : I keep seeing news anchors say "It's unfortunate that the looters are taking attention away from the real issues" while they, the media, talk about looting instead of the real issues.

Android : This is David McAtee.

He owned YaYa’s BBQ in Louisville, KY. He was in the barbecue business for 30 yrs and aspired to open up a brick & mortar restaurant. He fed cops who came by for free.

He was shot and killed by police today. His life mattered. #BreonnaTaylor #DavidMcAtee