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Bio Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam houses the world’s largest Van Gogh collection.
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Hootsuite Inc. : Hooray! It’s confirmed on June 1st at noon we’re opening our doors again 🌻. Measures will be taken to ensure the health of our staff and visitors. 💛Tickets will be available from May 25th on our website. Keep an eye on our social media channels and website for updates. 👋

Hootsuite Inc. : ‘I must have picked a good hundred flies and more off the 4 canvases that you’ll be getting, not to mention dust and sand not to mention that, when one carries them across the heath and through hedgerows for a few hours, the odd branch or two scrapes across them..’ wrote Vincent

Hootsuite Inc. : After two frenetic years in Paris, Vincent moved to Arles. He was looking for peace and light. Vincent spent lots of time exploring the nature in his new surroundings. 📝 ‘The appeal that these vast landscapes have for me is very intense’, he wrote.

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Hootsuite Inc. : 📝 ‘I don’t know the future, Theo – but – I do know the eternal law that everything changes ’, wrote Vincent to his brother Theo. Spring is the season of new life and new beginnings. And as Vincent said, ‘the more active the better’. Find inspiration:

Hootsuite Inc. : Advanced-Processes The print is called Three strolling women, left sheet of the triptych Cherry Blossom Viewing at Ueno in the Eastern Capital near Kiyomizu Hall and is by Utagawa Hiroshige 🌸

Hootsuite Inc. : Vincent chose this print to add to his collection. The spring blossom is a popular subject in Japanese prints. 🌸 When cherry trees – Sakura – are in bloom, lots of people in Japan head out to see the blossom. See our collection of prints #coloursofspring

Hootsuite Inc. : 📝 ‘Isn’t it the emotion, the sincerity of our feeling for nature, that leads us and – if these emotions are sometimes so strong that we work – without feeling that we’re working’, wrote Vincent to his brother Theo in 1888. Nowadays, we call what Vincent writes about ‘flow’. 🌱

Hootsuite Inc. : What do you see when you look outside? This is what Vincent saw when he looked out of the window of his small room in Antwerp. He was more interested in the backs of the houses, all crammed together, than the fancy facades at the front.

Hootsuite Inc. : 📝‘At the moment I’m trying to finish them a little every day, and to make them go together’, wrote Vincent in this letter. Vincent wanted to join these three blossom paintings in harmony. 🌸

Hootsuite Inc. : James Harris They are museum editions! A 3D reproduction where everything for the colours, brushstrokes and frame is identical to the real painting. You can read more about these museum editions here:…

Twitter Web App : Vandaag hebben we de eerste winnaars van de Van Gogh Museum leent uit-actie verrast met een bijna echt Van Gogh schilderij! Directeur Emilie Gordenker bracht ‘Amandelbloesem’ naar Saskia (één van de winnaars). Wil jij ook iemand nomineren die dit verdient?

Hootsuite Inc. : Does something strike you about the colours in this painting? What do you think makes this sunset special? 🌇 If you look closely, you’ll see that Vincent only used a few colours to paint the coming of evening. He made the sky largely yellow, and the foreground blue.

Hootsuite Inc. : A colourful landscape in the South of France. Flowering trees everywhere you look! 🌸 📝 ‘The season of orchards in blossom is so short, and you know these subjects are among the ones that cheer everyone up’, wrote Vincent. He thought that paintings like this would sell well.

Hootsuite Inc. : Finally it’s time to open our doors again! If everything goes well our museum will open for you on June 1st. Visit our exhibition ‘In The Picture’ until August 30. We expect tickets to become available online from May 25. See you soon! 👋 More info:

Hootsuite Inc. : 📝‘So instead of succumbing to homesickness, I said to myself, one’s country or native land is everywhere. So instead of giving way to despair, I took the way of active melancholy as long as I had strength for activity’, wrote Vincent. How do help yourself feel at home? 🌻

Hootsuite Inc. : Does spring make your heart skip a beat? 🦋 On the cover of the sheet music for ‘Un Miracle’, the French artist Steinlen depicted two lovers, flirting under a blossoming tree. Is this music to your ears? 🎼 Check out our print website for more: