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iPhone : I feel like I need to change my Instagram username but I’m so attached because I’ve had it for 8 years now

iPhone : Im a grown married woman with my own bills and responsibilities but I still ask my mom for permission.. and that’s on being raised Mexican #perolacompre

iPhone : karissa For my wedding, I still have people to the day complain and bitch that they weren’t invited. I would recommend to invite who you feel in your heart anyways and do what you and your man feel is right. You’re never going to please everyone so do what makes you both happy 💜💜

iPhone : Happy birthday to the best man of my special day. You never fail to make us laugh. Love you big time 🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉

iPhone : zack_gable Of course you’d make sure I finished it all 😂

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iPhone : When your husband is working but still manages to ice you...

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iPhone : I made butternut squash soup tonight with cheesy bread and honestly I would marry myself if I could 🥳

iPhone : Am I dramatic for being pissed off that my landlord isn’t fixing my stove that completely doesn’t work on the next business day? Maybe. But still Idc.