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iPhone : NEW: Prof Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance left No 10 at approx 1820.

Earlier we were told they would be appearing with the PM at the daily press conference.

Why did they turn up for the presser and then leave?

Have asked No 10 for comment.

iPhone : So many holes in this:
- Driving for an hour to check your eyesight?
- How does he not know when he bought petrol? (Can’t he check his bank account?)
- why drive to a town not on route to your home?
Most importantly:
- why does he think his situation is different to 1000s others?

iPhone : He’s not elected.
He’s not a member of the Conservative party.
He’s not a medical or scientific expert in these times of a global pandemic.

He doesn’t deserve to bask in the sunshine and get his moment he craves for with the attention all on his press conference 😡

iPhone : Feel sick. This is the last thing we need during a global pandemic and any honourable advisor would have resigned by now but he’s actually loving this isn’t he? What a disgraceful state of affairs #ClassicDom…

iPhone : The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast I think Tsonga. Ferrer was a machine physically but his game had a limit, Berdy and Nalbandian great on their day but lacked the extra quality needed. Feel like Tsonga only one who had that possibility to move to extra gear but never quite made it

iPhone : #ForensicKeir should be followed up with a list of questions to feature as part of the investigation…

iPhone : Every Thursday we go out and clap for our carers who are risking their lives.

Does the Prime Minister think it’s right that health professionals and care workers who come from abroad to work on our frontline should have to pay to use the NHS? #PMQs…

Twitter Web App : This cannot be a decision taken in isolation. We need a wider plan on investment and a way forward for the game. Football's past means that women are owed better. At elite and grassroots level, we are no longer accepting being locked out.…

iPhone : 🏴Joe Millis 🏴 That may be true. I’ve been to one awful biennial meeting so don’t know enough about benefits of involvement or what it would take to make it a worthwhile org so that may be true. All I’m saying is usually it’s worth being in the tent over outside unless there’s a good reason

Twitter Web App : It's the classic in the tent vs outside the tent argument. I'm usually all for being in the tent and I think much more work could be done by progressive groups to work within ZF but does come to a point where I see the reason to say it is just not worth it