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Twitter Web App : Press conference about to begin. The Politics Excuses Gremlin will be taking questions alongside the Science Excuses Gremlin.

Twitter Web App : New reason it's unfair to criticize Lori Lightfoot just dropped…

Twitter Web App : ac starting to question whether a perfect confluence of federalism, means testing, and privatization might actually wind up being bad

Twitter Web App : Articulating, implementing, and then paying people to enforce a transparent system of content moderation with an appeals process. This impossibly futuristic fantasy goal can never be reached

Twitter Web App : anybody arguing with me, please note that i am reading your tweet while listening to ska. think long and hard about how that reflects on you before you post

iPhone : Twitter and Shirley Jackson are proud to announce The Lottery, a crowdsourced system which promises to help pinpoint and eliminate sources of misinformation

iPhone : Can’t wait to prudently use the wisdom of crowds to finally do something about the ethics of video game journalism…

Twitter Web App : i have a song that i want The Album to sound like which is a big step in the right direction towards The Album

Twitter Web App : I sincerely regret hurting my bottom line with my careless words and I hope that you can find it in your wallet to forgive me.

Twitter Web App : feels kinda bad honestly. as we have seen recently rudy could use all the practice he can get…