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Couple art account @vhyrelle | English is not my mother language.

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Android : Re-designs of Final Fantasy girls available as new limited prints in my Etsy store. Full res has been sold. etsy.com/shop/vhyrel. #FFXII #FFVIII #FFVII #FFIX

Android : I love this part in the game. Poor Astarion got rejected. WiP. #BaldursGate3 #BG3 #Gale #Astarion

Twitter Web App : Testing new brushes. #MorriganAensland #Darkstalkers #capcom

Android : After seeing FFXIV's Noah van Gabranth without helmet, I drew Noah with longer hair and no surprise... He looks like Basch.

Android : I actually love that Gabranth is called 'Noah van Gabranth' in FFXIV. The word 'van' is from my country and it means 'from'.

Twitter Web App : Re-designs of Celes Chere (FFVI) and Ashelia Bnargin Dalmasca (FFXII) limited prints available in my Etsy store. etsy.com/shop/vhyrel