Victoria Ying - City of Secrets July 28 2020 (@victoriaying )

Victoria Ying - City of Secrets July 28 2020

Bio Cartoonist, Author, Illustrator. DIANA PRINCESS OF THE AMAZONS in stores now. CITY OF SECRETS pubbed July 28, 2020. HUNGRY GHOST 2023. Repped by @jenazantian
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Twitter Web App : the model minority myth has always been rooted in antiblackness, we can't just talk abt how proximity to whiteness is fake, we also gotta educate/remind our friends/family that black americans have done so much more for all minority communities than white ppl ever have or will…

Twitter Web App : Y'all, if tweeting "hire Black ppl" had an actual impact, I would still be in Los Angeles.

It's a nice sentiment, but please: take this conversation back to your studios. Have MEETINGS. Plan how your departments are going to hire, train, mentor, and promote Black creatives.

iPhone : Love seeing all the scholarships going to black artists, but a lot of black artists wanting to get into animation are already more than qualified. How do we make sure they have equal access to be seen, to learn about the production pipeline, and to get paid?

Twitter Web App : “Do we continue to stand aside, ignoring the injustices black Americans face, thinking that it's "not our problem," or do we stand against these senseless, horrific killings, recognizing that when it becomes our problem, it is too late?”…

Twitter Web App : A few more donations coming in from last night, so a couple more folks will get scholarships! We closed the entries at 9PM and ended up with 405 submissions and 272 scholarships. We will be going through the submissions this weekend.

iPhone : Y’know why you yell “virtue signaling” when you see anyone be an ally to the oppressed or abused or “othered”? ‘Cuz you can’t imagine an action not linked to a selfish motive. You can’t accept someone wanting a better world without it directly benefiting them. It’s beyond you.

iPhone : send me a receipt of a $100+ donation to a bail fund, a local org like Reclaim The Block or Black Visions, or any other organization working to protect & defend black people’s lives and futures and I’ll draw you a 5x5 b&w ink drawing of whatever you’d like.

iPhone : Hey black artists! If you're interested in character design for animation and/or games, I'm opening up 2 slots for a mentorship geared towards beefing up your portfolio. 6 months & we'll meet up online every other week. Drop some pieces below with a little bit about yourself 💖