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Android : I hope I am wrong but I see almost no scenario where Trump gives up power voluntarily following November’s election. The only scenario I can see is if he loses by a complete landslide. If there’s a shred of doubt I fully expect he’ll stop at nothing to stay in office.

Twitter Web App : The topline here is outrageous enough, but the details of this story are just bizarre.

The Trump Admin has been secretly just keeping the money without telling anyone? A little more every year? Just stealing it?…

Twitter Web App : I think theres probably, possibly drugs involved. Thats what I hear. -- during interview with Judge Jeanine, Trump casually accuses Joe Biden of using performance enhancing drugs

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Twitter Web App : The #FailedPresident is a pathetic old man. He's a nothing. A Zero.

Twitter Web App : This revisionist history is so dangerous that it's not even funny to mock.

We were horrific to Muslims in this country after 9/11. Anti-Islamic hate crimes surged. Police targeted mosques and Muslim student groups. Oh, and we invaded two nations, killing and displacing millions.…

Twitter Web App : Anthony Fauci said he disagrees with President Donald Trump’s assertion that the country is “rounding the final turn” of the coronavirus pandemic…

Twitter Web App : 🚨Lake Charles, LA. is a disaster.

No power.
Water is unsafe.
No LEO/emergency services.
Hospital has ER services only, and in limited capacity, 🚫 L&D services.


All I can do is ask for retweets for greater exposure. I'm asking.

Twitter Web App : The White House isn’t returning Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s calls, as the state burns. He’s literally watching Fox instead. I was going to say he’s only interested in his base, but there’s plenty of them in Oregon. He’s not interested in them. His world includes him. That’s it.

Twitter Web App : These ppl found a baby goat trapped in a pit. They took him home & cared for him overnite.

The next day they tried to find the owner but had no luck. While looking - they found a group of goats with the same white fur.

Then this happened.


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Android : You might need a new barber.

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Android : The Chucks.

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