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Android : I don’t think Vishal is bewakoof , he is sweet n vulnerable... considering what all happened with him in the show he still maintained his calm n was dignified. He is a good player wish he was there from the beginning.I like him Vishal Aditya Singh #biggboss13

Android : Its last couple of weeks, and your support for #vishaladityasingh is of utmost importance to us now..! So VOTE NOW and ask your family & friends also to Vote for him..!
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Android : I’m not supporting either of them..when it comes to maintaining the dignity of their relationship and respecting each other both Vishal Aditya Singh & #MadhurimaTuli have failed miserably but The way Madhurima has physically assaulted Vishal in @BB13Official house is not acceptable…

Android : The way #MadhurimaTuli has hit Vishal is a clear act of domestic violence @BB13Official please don’t promote domestic violence on television for trps. People do get influenced. B responsible with the content tht u show on National television. #evictmadhurima #VishalAadityaSingh…

Android : And the way #MadhurimaTuli kept saying that she will hit him more. It clearly means she believes that @BB13Official has given her a free hand to do whatever she feels like. Strict actions needs to be taken against her #evictmadhurimatuli #VishalAadityaSingh…

Android : #VishalAdityaSingh Today This Man Deserve all my salute for the family background he comes from his village is just 15km away from my village in Bhojpur Ara Discrict i can feel from where he comes to what he achieved till now Well Done Brother #BB13 #ShowStopperAsim

Android : putting a 6'3" man in such a small jail even when he can't walk nd sit properly even after knowing he has got pain in bone shows nothing but inhumanity Bigg Boss COLORS #VishalAdityaSingh
#StayStrongVishal #JusticeForVishal #VishalWinningHearts

Android : What happend is purely an assault by #MadhurimaTuli on #VishalAadityaSigh agreed vishal threw water and she reacted similarly nd threw water but then getting mad and physical like that is assault, if he had done the same all hell would have broken loose #bigbosss13…