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iPhone : There is literally nothing the average person can do when streets are Dangerous by Design for a person riding a bike. Stop talking about personal choices and start building protected bike lanes, City of London.…

iPhone : Going back to the 1820's squatters illegally sold the land and Canadian/Ontario Governments allowed this to happen.

There is an active and ongoing land claim filed in 1995 against Feds & the Province that will *finally* be heard in 2022.

iPhone : Stronger than any helmet.
Louder than any bell
Brighter than any colour.
More effective than any tech.

Yes that’s right folks. And the good news is this miracle product already exists.
*political will sold separately

iPhone : I am however kind of proud of the little house we’ve been working on. Led to me trying to describe what a “day bed” was in front of the “tv” there 😂. There’s even a toilet under the green part there 😁 #NeverTooOldForLego

iPhone : Yesterday, Doug Ford said he wants to use the same system weve been using since 1867.

In 1867, people who could *not vote* in Ontario:
- women
- people who werent rich enough
- people who werent British subjects
- people under the age of 21

Change is a good thing. #onpoli

iPhone : Just received a lovely email from a customer complimenting our bike and telling me all the lovely things she’s been doing with the yarn she bought from me (this was her second purchase) 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

iPhone : This is very validating as someone who didn’t have a car in #LdnOnt until 2016. That’s 3 years living on my own getting groceries and to and from work by foot, bus, or bike (mostly the first two). I was terribly miserable and couldn’t really place why but I bet this played a part…

iPhone : The homelessness "debate" invariably ends up in a "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" argument. The problem is...there are no boots attached. We set people up to fail and then complain when they are struggling. We are all complicit in the crisis and we must recognize this.

iPhone : In 1867, the vote was restricted to white men who owned property and were 21 or older, there were only two viable political parties, and the secret ballot did not yet exist. In Toronto specifically, councillors elected the mayor from among themselves.

#history #onpoli #TOpoli…