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Twitter for iPad : GOP nightmare about to come true: Senate Budget Committee Chair Bernie Sanders

Twitter for iPad : Dead orangutans and burnt forests: Nature lovers see the ravages of climate change up close

Twitter for iPad : Lets remember *that* MLK: the MLK of economic justice and *democratic socialism* and not just the sanitized... version that weve been commemorating all these years

My mini-rant on #MLKDay on how both Dems & GOP hate socialism but love *socialist* MLK:

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Twitter for iPad : As King said, “The segregation of the races was really a political stratagem employed by the emerging Bourbon interests in the South to keep the southern masses divided and southern labor the cheapest in the land.”

He knew capitalism needed structural racism to survive.…

Twitter for iPad : WORRISOME ON *E484* MUTATION—New study from blood of 44 people infected in 1st wave in S Africa🇿🇦 was tested against new #SARSCoV2 variant #B1135 (501Y.V2)—found antibodies from **21 of 44 did not recognize** the new B1125 variant—Almost half! #COVID19 🧵

Twitter for iPad : Odds that Mitch McConnell would agree to even numbers on committees if there were a Republican president and a 50-50 chamber. ZERO

Twitter for iPad : What the ProPublica videos establish is that the crowd descended on the Capitol on the northwest side. That's the part of the building closest to where Trump spoke. Alex Jones told people to go to the front, as Trump would be there. That's where the first major breaches occurred.

Twitter for iPad : This is the problem many of us have been concerned about - immune escape from new SARS-CoV-2 variants in addition to their increased transmission. In this case, in a quick (single?) evolutionary 'jump'.

No way to sugar coat it - this is not good news.

Great summary ~40mins in.…

Twitter for iPad : The Nation, proud to say, supported MLK, who had been its civil rights correspondent for nearly a decade: “King’s Riverside Church speech ranks as one of the most significant of his career,laced w/ eloquence & morally uncompromising.”…

Twitter for iPad : For the files of the serial liars in the US security state & their media partners who pop up every year to claim that Snowden never criticizes the Russian Government, even though he does so multiple times a year and has been doing it regularly since 2014:…

Twitter for iPad : "One part of the bedroom set-up will be markedly different with the Bidens than it was for the Trumps: the Bidens will be sharing a bedroom."…

Twitter for iPad : Some people use quotations from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as sponges to try to wash off their sins.…

Twitter for iPad : Whenever people think algorithms will “solve” messy speech issues, I just think about this:…

Twitter for iPad : Why are members of Congress allowed to buy and sell stocks? Why are they allowed to hold interests in any companies, publicly traded or privately held? Because they make the rules, and ethics isn't their priority.

Twitter for iPad : I never intend to adjust myself to the tragic inequalities of an economic system which takes necessities from the masses to give luxuries to the classes.

This #MLKDay, lets commit to fighting for bold, progressive policies that will lift EVERYONE up. We have a mandate.

Twitter for iPad : They murdered him because he was fighting for equality.

As we honor him, we must also never forget.…

Twitter for iPad : The two cable personalities arguably more responsible than anyone on TV for Trump becoming the GOP nominee by endlessly promoting him are now demanding that Facebook "be shutdown," and they apparently want Biden to do it. Just listen:…

Twitter for iPad : LONG COVID—30% of hospital recovered #COVID19 patients end up back in hospital in <5 months; up to 12% die of complications. “we really need to prepare for #LongCovid. It’s a mammoth task to follow up w/ these patients, but monitoring needs to be arranged”…