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Bio hello twitter friends I am a software engineer and I like to draw and sing anime songs at karaoke. I also made gbf-raidfinder. he/him
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Android : ルナ vs 平田 #輝夜月 #PPH #StarWars

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Android : Big update for Smol Ame! Featuring:
- Playable Gura!
- A new level inspired by Moonas song, Ai no Chiisana Uta!
- And saving!

Up now! kevincow.itch.io/smol-ame

#ameliaRT #gawrt #HoshinovArt

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Twitter Web App :

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Twitter Web App : rotation #ameliart #ArtsOfAshes

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Twitter Web App : temmie dang, I had one of these too!! I remember being disappointed at how different mine looked in real life compared to how it looked in commercials, but then I got over it pretty quickly

Twitter Web App : IggyVibez 👽 I don't have any plans to sell merch, but if you want to make your own mug for personal use (on one of those sites that custom prints one-off designs, etc), feel free to! A few people have done it before, and I'm fine with that as long as people aren't selling it

Twitter Web App : you know those shirts that have designs printed above the pocket, what if

Twitter Web App : #ameliart #graveyART

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Twitter Web App : I lowered my volume down to 10% for this collab and I still feel like that's too much

Twitter Web App : KadeStreams I kinda store it in my brain until I get to one of the longer gestures (5min or 10min ones) and draw them then, since I don't have the patience to spend the full time on longer gestures 😅