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Created for Marvelous Designer.


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I also always thought an intrusive watermark had this in-built assumption that people would want to steal one's fakes in the first place, which can come across as kind of egotistical and delusional.

Twitter Web App : daddyfakes4 Taylor Fakes ultimately it's personal subjective preference. For me, I think watermarks are ugly and i try to make mine as unassuming as possible for that reason. I would rather people reupload - or heaven forbid "steal" - my work than sabotage it myself.

Twitter Web App : Lobo An Overwhelming Sodomite i guess my point was gays were cooler when we were getting aids and being oppressed becos it meant we still had an edge. now the ave gay is an unblighted protagonist in his own heroes quest for acceptance, absorbed and neutralised by the internal condtradictions of neoliberalism

Twitter Web App : An Overwhelming Sodomite arguably pro-gay and hardly out of touch if preventing erosion of gay culture by spillover from the cishet orthodoxy's fixation on child-rearing as a way to vicariously larp as some queer eye for the tradcath.

Twitter Web App : Bear_fakes {6K} just some twitter people trying to stake out marginally 'do better' positions on a shrinking moral highground within an already immoral framework while being blind to their own capacity for evil.

I dont know what you were referring to, but my response applies to everything so.

Twitter Web App : hotcelebs um hi, set 'screen' or 'lighten' blending mode to a "cum image" which has a dark background.

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