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Twitter for iPad : Daniel Sandford The Senior Officer who made the stupid, ridiculous & pointless decision to fine them should either be fired on the spot or permanently deployed to Hyde Park Corner on traffic control duty for the rest of their career, with a £50 fine for every time they let the traffic stop!

Twitter for iPad : "Across all pupils on free meals 26% went to university by the age of 19. But for white pupils it was 16% & 13% for white boys compared to 59% from black African families & 32% of black Caribbean youngsters on free school meals".

Twitter for iPad : A new phenomenon is emerging - VDS.

Remainers are loving the fact that the EU might block UK bound vaccines, simply because they lost the referendum.

They are happy to see their own citizens perish on the altar of EU solidarity.

They. Are. Nuts.

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Twitter for iPad : I'm seriously concerned about the riots in the Netherlands. 🇳🇱 We should be prepared in the UK.

I hope the city forces are ready for them if they happen here. With depleted numbers of officers who are absolutely shattered, I'm concerned. It will have to be a robust response.

Twitter for iPad : Keir Starmer Oh right.
Labour complaining about council tax, your London mayor has just stuck his up by 10%.
49 of the top 50 boroughs by cost are labour run.

Twitter for iPad : Good Morning Britain Piers Morgan More like he should be banned from working in the media!

People seem to have too quickly forgotten his involvement in publishing #fake photos to discredit our own troops! Then there was the phone hacking scandal!

Twitter for iPad : Leave.EU Truth is EU is in crisis, it was late on vaccine orders and all members states are kicking off so EU is under extreme pressure now to find “extra” vaccines so are going to block the export of EU produced vaccines to countries who ordered them before the EU which is illegal.

Twitter for iPad : There's making petty gestures to win Remainer plaudits and try and reinforce "European solidarity" and then there's this. Sick!

Twitter for iPad : Jānis Circenis Femi😷 Boris Johnson Josh Savage In the days before FOM it was down to ‘quality’!

If groups were good enough to be offered gigs they still managed to work abroad before FOM!

I had a good friend who was a P/T DJ and he used to travel to weekend gigs in Europe with all his gear without the slightest difficulty!

Twitter for iPad : Weve obtained exclusive behind the scenes footage of Lisa Nandys new woke army undergoing training

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Twitter for iPad : 🇬🇧 The UK has set a high standard on workers rights and well continue to do so outside of the EU

Living Wage
🇬🇧 £10.50 an hour by 2024
🇪🇺 No requirement

Sick Pay
🇬🇧 28 weeks
🇪🇺 No requirement

🇬🇧 52 weeks
🇪🇺 14 weeks

Annual Leave
🇬🇧 28 days
🇪🇺 20 days