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iPhone : The books at the youth jail in Pittsburgh are old and torn up.
Reading is one of the only activities they have while in the pods. I've witnessed kids fall in love with stories and lose themselves in the pages while at the jail.

Donate if you can.…

iPhone : tw // death

um my dad lives in another state n he was just given 2 weeks to live. my mom recently got fired from her job n i’ve been a full time student but we have to get out there to say goodbye. if anyone could help me a little bit i would appreciate it so much i’m sorry

Twitter Web App : i feel faint. i am passing out . theres no more life left for me to live. jesus our savior who art in heave-

Twitter Web App : #TXT as loona solo songs

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Twitter Web App : tasha this might be a weird thing to pick up on but his appearance/hygiene vs everyone elses in this video makes it look like he doesnt even stay there with them like hes just recruiting ppl and stays off site

Twitter Web App : tasha thats weird as hell i grew up on a commune and this is not.. how it works like you cant just Come there needs to be a process and u need to be checked out before u join this is raising soooo many flags i hope nobody goes