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Twitter Web App : Indeed, I had a lot of fun with it and eventually beat the game on Nightmare. A very different game from DOOM 2016, a bit harder to get used to mechanics but definitely worth the effort in the end. And graphics are awesome of course! Billy Khan💖🦄✨ twitter.com/icelaglace/sta…

dlvr.it : .AMDs new Ryzen 9 3900XT processor appears on French retailer website tweaktown.com/news/72880/amd…

Android : No matter your views on current events or media, our best lens is still people willing to be there in person. Great updates from Sara Sidner here. twitter.com/sarasidnerCNN/…

Sprinklr : Busy people know the day is always too short. For multitaskers tackling endless to-do lists, there’s #Exynos. Find out more: smsng.co/Exynos #NextGenPower

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Twitter Web App : [UK] Mid-Key and Echo Farm (Viewer Keys if You Want) - Alliance, EU | #WoW #Mythic+ #Supportsmallstreamers twitch.tv/gavbontv

Twitter Web App : NEW VIDEO!! If you Like this tweet, you will live forever. youtu.be/DTsWajD9418

Android : So will we see a similar play in Canada? Packaging together media assets for a click cartel, then passing them along to whomever is next in line?

Twitter Web App : Nova Rift check the pin! These rewards are only for Razer Blade reviews. You can leave reviews for any of our other gear here for different rewards: razer.com/rewardsforthef…

SocialFlow : Are you watching Devs on Hulu? We went behind the scenes to find out how the show tackles quantum computing. wired.trib.al/hUwHIsm

SocialFlow : The first Atari VCS units should be ready by mid-June engt.co/2AtoRrO

Sprinklr : marvin You can create a curated timeline that includes your favorite accounts with a List. Then you can pin that List so you can swipe over to it from your Home timeline.

Heres how to create a List and add it to your Home timeline: help.twitter.com/using-twitter/…

Twitter Web App : Callum Mcguffie Been on community binge again.

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Twitter Web App : #GeorgeFloyd