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iPhone : Cunty Poopster 1 & 2 felt like a given, unsure of 3, assumed 4 could’ve technically happened in the last year, 5 😈 because we’ve been on Twitter for too long , 6 felt familiar, and 7 was the other option.

iPhone : I think this may be the worst national anthem I’ve ever heard, and working in sports you hear a lot of them. twitter.com/edsbs/status/1…

iPhone : $5 million for 11,000 square feet and 48 acres seems low, no?

Moving around the country has ruined me. twitter.com/marketwatch/st…

iPhone : This marks the first time since 1975-76 that Alabama wins football and men’s basketball SEC championships in the same academic season.

#RollTide #WhereLegendsAreMade


#BlueCollarBasketball | #RollTide

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iPhone : In memory of Hank Aaron after his passing on Friday, I have created an interactive timeline of the Top-10 Career Home Run leaders since the beginning of the Modern Era.

Check out how different players enter and exit through different eras of baseball. #RIPHankAaron ❤️

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iPhone : Nate Oats did say he “didn’t want to give any money back (to the SEC)” when asked directly about the foul discrepancy. Also mentioned more than once that Arkansas deserved to win.

iPhone : Nate Oats: “There weren’t a lot of positives. Gary was a positive first game back. Bruner was a positive, looked more comfortable. Guys coming off injuries, good to see them play as well as they did. Other than that not a whole lot positive"

iPhone : 51 fouls in a 40 minute basketball game...is that high? What about 43 FTs vs. 8? GTFO

iPhone : Doug Shows ejects John Petty Jr with 1:01 to play. Later as more words ensue, he tosses Hogs’ Jalen Tate. Shabby ending to what should have been a showcase game for the SEC.