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Twitter Web App : Many have heard about SOPR right? What about *Whale* SOPR? New article coming soon

Twitter Web App : MisterCh0c The way we get this data is by looking at wallets on the blockchain that currently have >10,000BTC. We then find BTC that belong to these particular wallets and plot the time and amount this BTC was inflowed to the wallet as bubbles.

Twitter Web App : VooCash The easiest way to proof check this is to go through our twitter feed. So far, areas that whales were interested in, were all also important for BTC's price action.

Twitter Web App : Whalemap macro edition.

Prices at which whales have accumulated Bitcoin are shown as bubbles.

These areas usually act as support and resistance πŸ‘‡

46k and 39k are our key whale supports so far.

Twitter Web App : missyfly Interesting. Here is the 2-3 year chart as well for reference. Tops here coincide with this cohort falling to around 5%

Twitter Web App : Barış Ertül Either next week or the week after next! We are releasing Volume profile, Realised Cap HODL waves, and a third very very special chart next week 100% though!

Twitter Web App : Using HODL waves one can check how many hodlers are there on the blockchain. Currently, around 13% of all bitcoins are held for 3-5 years. Previous tops have occurred when this hodler cohort starts decreasing.

Twitter Web App : Previous macro tops have occurred when thousands of transactions worth 5 to 7 million dollars each were flooding the blockchain. True FOMO. Currently, no such FOMO in sight for $BTC.

Twitter Web App : This is Bullish Indeed, all the prerequisites are there. The only job BTC has is to play its levels, and we thankfully do know them.

Twitter Web App : Whale support zone has held (as is usually the case).

As a side note, the current situation looks similar to the one we had at 29k, i.e. $46532 is the new 29k -- we either make it or break it as there are few supports below it.