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Twitter for iPad : Elie Honig If true, Cuomo’s actions should end his career. Weird, though, that if he were a republican, they wouldn’t even register a blip.

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No, it didn't include a hike in the #MinimumWage. Yes, that was disappointing. But we must understand the massive importance of this bill.

We said, 'Go big or go home?' Well, they're going big, apparently.

Now, let's #EndTheFilibuster and pass #HR1.

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To those who are angry that theyre only getting $1,400 instead of $2,000, I offer this chart, which shows the real impact of the #AmericanRescuePlan:

Real poverty cut by ⅓. (and Child poverty cut by ½).

We havent seen legislation this progressive since the 1930s.

Twitter Web App : James Pethokoukis John Harwood Republicans will refuse to vote for anything Biden puts forward.

• Every democrat voted *for* Trump's Covid relief bill last year.
• Every republican voted *against* Biden's Covid relief bill.

Only ONE party is bipartisan. It's not the GOP.

Twitter Web App : Trump wasted billions of dollars on this

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Twitter Web App : Also, Jake Tapper is right. If you're "outraged" that Dr. Seuss's publisher pulled some racist titles last year, then DEFEND THOSE TITLES, not "Green Eggs and Ham," WHICH IS STILL AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE.


Twitter Web App : New York Times Opinion: Ross Douthats latest column is predicated upon the lie that Dr. Seuss was canceled.

Why are you publishing easily debunked garbage like this? I expect this from the Post or the Enquirer, not Americas newspaper of record.


Twitter Web App : Ross Douthat My god.


The publisher voluntarily pulled some titles LAST YEAR.

COVID is raging. The economy has suffered a body blow. Half the electorate mistakenly believes the election was stolen.


Twitter Web App : #RonDeSantis is America's most corrupt governor. And that's saying a LOT.

#DeSantisFailedFlorida twitter.com/SarahBurris/st…