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Bio I do metropolitan policy research, focused on fair housing, school integration, and demography. Midwestern progressive, lawyer. Opinions are very much my own.
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iPhone : Will Stancil We have first hand experience with them putting forth even the most half assed impeachment effort and moving a plurality of the country to support Trump's removal. Beyond this, the hearings and investigations are good theater and drive media coverage. It also acts as a 1/2

iPhone : Anyway this is the 538 brain poisoning I’m talking about. These people can’t conceive any element of politics that doesn’t reduce to presidential approval polling twitter.com/convolutedname…

iPhone : How many times did Republicans vote to repeal Obamacare? How many different angles did they use?

Meanwhile Democrats are faced with the most corrupt president in history and they’re like “Look, we already talked about that. Let it go already.”

iPhone : “We already impeached Trump once, so we can just go home. The ads are already made. No point in continuing to press the issue.” twitter.com/convolutedname…

iPhone : People are starting to panic as they wonder why things haven’t reset to normal and it begins to edge into their consciousness that things aren’t GOING to reset

iPhone : All the fighting over school reopenings right now is partially about schools, but it’s also partially us backing into the realization that Trump has broken the country in a For Real, No Joking, Daily Life Is Transformed Completely way twitter.com/jbouie/status/…

iPhone : “In the end, Trump did what he said. He built a wall around America and made the world pay for it. He just never told Americans that they’d be stuck inside.” — indica link.medium.com/FtBumOKPZ7

iPhone : I actually think the Lincoln Project ads are causing a bit of a crisis of faith in the party. All the operatives have spent ages telling each other that their inept politicking was great and smart, a claim that doesn’t survive one (1) viewing of those ads twitter.com/qwosl/status/1…

iPhone : It’s like companies where the CEO becomes completely obsessed with the stock price as a measure of success, for no good reason other than that the stock price provides a single easy figure to obsess over. But you can’t reduce complex phenomena to one easy number.

iPhone : Will Stancil The fact that this is the House Oversight Committees calendar is a testament to this mind set and a catastrophic political failure. Imagine not having alternating daily hearings of Trump fucking up COVID response and the latest crime of the week

iPhone : Or put differently, Democrats do something, and then immediately check back to see if it’s affected Trump’s approval rating. It usually hasn’t, so they stop. Presidential approval rating shifts are seen as both the only objective of politics, and the only cause of real change

iPhone : The more I think about it, the more I realize Democratic helplessness is enabled and fed by their pseudo-intellectual embrace of 538 style data-driven horse race analysis, which ultimately turns the immensely complicated mechanism of politics into a game with a narrow objective

iPhone : What if there are political aims and objectives that can’t be collapsed into a single figure tracked by 538 dot com twitter.com/trizzlor/statu…