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Twitter for iPad : Another β€œNews” story to file under #NoShitSherlock

Just like the number of funeral urns retrieved by relatives in Wuhan, China far exceeded the published count of lives lost.

Yet nations mask their C19 death toll, but not their people.

#OneVoice1 apple.news/AMb4rtlXRRXKyp…

Twitter for iPad : Lindsey Graham is a life long politician who has served his own interests while ignoring whats best #ForThePeople

Jaime Harrison
has a fresh Democratic platform that will leave no one behind.



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Twitter for iPad : I as a white woman am standing against #PoliceBrutality!
I stand with my Black brothers and sisters in outrage of COPS murdering black men!
RIP George Floyd as we fight for justice πŸ’”

Twitter for iPad : It makes me happy to know that someone has reached out to our seniors and made their time in quarantine easier. ❀


Pirate Radio Station Hosted Exclusively By Retirees Has Been Cheering Isolated Seniors Across the US goodnewsnetwork.org/radio-station-…

Twitter for iPad : Remington manufactured 7.5 million firearms that have a defect that could cause the guns to fire without the trigger being pulled

This industry needs to be heavily regulated and Republicans have proven that they won't do it


Twitter for iPad : Cory Gardner has ghosted Colorado for the last three years.

It's time we banished this ghost that shadows Trump 90% of the time.

Nine Zero
9 out of 10 times he votes with Donald.

Unhappy with those stats? Get out and VOTE John Hickenlooper in.

#OneVoice1 twitter.com/politvidchanne…

Twitter for iPad : β€œWe have the largest Democratic showing that we’ve had in at least 30 years.” #scpol #DemCastSC #DemCast


Twitter for iPad : Irresponsible gun ownership is one thing. Irresponsible gun manufacturers is a whole nother ballgame!

We as a people, need better regulation of these firearm manufacturers and the instruments of death which they are responsible for!

#OneVoice1 twitter.com/bradbeauregard…

Twitter for iPad : We all need to stop and breath
Its not our fault that the
saddled us with a mobster
and we have all done the best we can to resist this MadKing
and the hate , we are doing a good job πŸƒπŸŒΉπŸƒ it matters

Twitter for iPad : Dr. Anthony Fauci on How America Can Avoid a Second Wave of the Coronavirus and if people would just listen to this advice we could see a drop in cases but with trump and his minions spewing misinformation we will repeat the pandemic a.msn.com/05/en-us/BB14F…

Twitter for iPad : Poll: Trump Hits Lowest Rasmussen Net Approval Since 2017 and that's because of diligent Resisters calling Trump on his lies and deceit and in November we will prevail a.msn.com/01/en-us/BB14F…

Twitter for iPad : I’m being so sincere when I say that we refuse to sit back and stand down while we’re being targeted by such hatred and vicious attacks! We really are! All you need to do is look at that which is now happening in the streets of Minneapolis to confirm that I’m speaking truth! twitter.com/tamylyn55/stat…

Twitter for iPad : More proof of Trvmps lack of leadership. #TrumpDeathToll100K #nativelivesmatter twitter.com/yjtorbati/stat…

Twitter for iPad : Miss Aja πŸ“’ There are few, if any, medical reasons for not wearing a mask.

πŸ“’ Sanitizing wipes are provided and many retail establishments are sanitizing carts between users.

πŸ“’ Failure to follow directional signs in lines is akin to driving on the wrong side of the road. Stupid.