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Twitter for iPad : I like to ignore the narrative and look at it from basic principles from time to time ...

I get the story of robinhood (the folklore not the broker) is intoxicating.

Good guys win, bad guys lose, no repercussions > gray world full of nuance and lacking in karma twitter.com/wildkait/statu…

Twitter for iPad : jolly fun guy I’m not trying to say “hedge funds do a public good” just reflecting the reality that institutional investors with large pools of money are often pension funds. If not a hedge fund they might invest in an index or PE firm or VC... etc. but it is what it is

Twitter for iPad : Mistress Amethysts toy - #0219BR-13 If someone is short 140% of a stocks outstanding float... someone also owns 140% (long)? I don’t think naked shorting is legal.

Wait til you find out how fractional reserve banking works

Twitter for iPad : Teachers pensions, insurance companies? Any way you slice it more “poor” people stand to get hurt than “rich people” but let’s not let details get in the way of a good story!

It’s not like a rich hedge funder can start a new fund after blowing one up right?

Twitter for iPad : are in for a huge markdown.

Also, this isn’t main street vs Wall Street. This is wall street vs Wall Street but some of the wolves are wearing sheep’s clothing...

Also hit pause for a minute... poor people sticking it to the rich? Who are the investors in hedge funds ?

Twitter for iPad : Someone out there still owns the shares and they lose big when it collapses... and it’s probably a regular person chasing a meme who falls on the sword eventually.

If anything “hedge funds” covering drives up the price higher and the people who don’t sell it to a short covering

Twitter for iPad : I don’t think people understand how it works... $GME $AMC

If someone is short, and is forced to buy at a very high price, and you sell them your shares and make a tidy profit... the shares don’t negate like you’re balancing a math equation.

Twitter for iPad : NEW VIDEO! youtu.be/AoMBZLs038I
This is the new channel, I’ll also be posting on “Also Amouranth” yt channel too in a bit!

Twitter for iPad : Why do girls moan when... NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL & VID, SUB PLS:

Twitter for iPad : Why do girls moan when... NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL & VID, SUB PLS: