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Bio Equal parts classic horror monster and tree hugging hippie. Also, Senior/Managing Editor at LIGHTSPEED & NIGHTMARE magazines. She/her. 🏳️‍🌈
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Twitter Web App : John Joseph Adams Turns out my daughter has been listening to these guys. (She showed me their "MC Thunder" video, which is also great.) She says they are "techno-electronica metalcore."

Twitter Web App : Landlords don't need handouts, they need dignity of work! Keep your rent, your landlord will thank you later when they break the cycle of dependence.

Twitter Web App : Richard S. Crawford Jeff VanderMeer says he's had great luck putting food that raccoons like (such as cat food) by yellow jacket nests to entice the raccoon into noticing it. Apparently, those furry bandits love to eat yellow jacket larvae.

Twitter Web App : I know this is coming from a cartoon bear but he's kind of not wrong twitter.com/paddingtonbear…

Twitter Web App : Jeff VanderMeer I'm so sorry. Do you want to hear about the enormous dump a blue heron took on our car Friday night to bolster your spirits? It covered our entire car window, plus most of the hood and roof!

Twitter Web App : Back from unanticipated road trip. In the last 2 days, I've seen an osprey, a great blue heron, many different hawks, a falcon, a kestrel, a coyote, a rabbit, and some really silly quail.