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Twitter Web App : Waterloo Sunset by contemporary UK artist and printmaker Gail Brodholt #womensart

Twitter Web App : Known as Londons Ladies Bridge, women were drafted to construct Waterloo Bridge during WWII, but never got the credit for it #womensart

Twitter Web App : Technicolor Muslimah (2011) by Saba Barnard, series challenging stereotypes of US Muslim women #womensart

Twitter Web App : Sue Webster ( & collaborative partner Tim Noble ), The Shadow Sculptures, diverse material assemblages and projected light to create a dual shadow self portrait #womensart

Twitter Web App : Psychiatrist Dr Karen Norberg, of National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, spent a year knitting an anatomically correct replica of the human brain #womensart

Twitter Web App : A parent throws their daughter into the air inside a Syrian refugee camp, southern Turkey, by Tara Todras-Whitehill, photojournalist based in Istanbul #womensart

Twitter Web App : French Baroque era painter Louise Moillon, Still Life with a Bowl of Apricots, Peaches, Plums on an Entablature (mid 1600s) #womensart

Android : Audrey Hepburn photographed knitting and with her Yorkshire Terrier Mister Famous, during a break in filming, Mexico, 1959 #womensart

Android : Liminal Space paper sculpture of a teenage girl using images from beauty magazines, by Swiss born artist Manuela Granziol #womensart

Android : Josephine Baker (1906 – 1975), African-American/French singer, dancer, civil rights activist and WW2 resistance agent #womensart

Twitter Web App : Twilight Landscape by Victoria Crowe, contemporary Scottish painter known for her portrait and landscape paintings #womensart

Twitter Web App : Natalia Drepina, contemporary Russian photographer who creates often haunting imagery #womensart

Twitter Web App : #Autumn Studies by Sarah Jane Humphrey, contemporary UK natural science/ botanical illustrator #womensart

Twitter Web App : Beatrix Potter, illustrator and author, who was also a mycologist, creating many scientific studies of fungi #womensart