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iPhone : Some infographics about places in the greater Bethel community. Each writer chose a tone for their piece and use word choice, color, and images to convey the tone to the audience. ❤️

iPhone : Pomp and Circumstance started playing loudly on the terrace across the courtyard from my 4th floor apartment. I went to look, and saw a mom and dad on the terrace proudly applauding their college grad, who had on his cap and gown. One by one, neighbors came to their terraces...

iPhone : “What if, instead of war,
We shared our buckets
Of wind and worry?
You hold my bucket
A while, see what
The handle feels like,
And I hold yours.”

7th grade writers shared their bucks of wishes and worries today. They are lovely. #writingheroes #bmspride

iPhone : Sometimes, when the feelings are so big, they have no choice but to spill out onto the page. Until we are together again: you matter. You are loved. ❤️

iPhone : My mother just called me. She had ordered some flowers from a small local store, to be delivered and dropped on the porch. When they brought the flowers, they said, "Hang on, we have something for you." The driver went back to the truck and proceeded to bring out...

iPhone : The #writingheroes learned about a new project they are working on today. They had to equate their feelings about it to a work of art. Their answers are thoughtful and amazing. #wevegotthis

iPhone : Today I got to color for a few precious minutes with some of the #writingheroes They are strong, resilient, and full of joy. They give me so much hope. My heart is full and our purpose is clear. We are in this together. #bmspride #bettertogether

iPhone : I'm getting many messages about whether I'll write I Survived Covid-19. I have a better idea. I want to enlist kids in a big project, to document this time and share their experiences. They are a part of history. I will help them write their story. More soon! @scholastic

iPhone : It’s hard. It’s not perfect. But, we are all doing it together and there is still so much JOY. Even across miles and time and space it is still the best job in the world. #bmspride #whateverittakes

iPhone : Distance Learning is up and running. The #writingheroes are getting acquainted with our new classroom, cutest coworker is helping me answer emails, and Mister Rogers is teaching kindergarten. All is well. #bmspride #wevegotthis