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Twitter Web App : Santiago Velez Cr0nus Yassin M I mean w/o fancy words, keeping it very simple: satoshi maybe has ~1m bitcoin (<5%) and has never sold. overall supply is 21m w/ ~19m in circulation. I think it's a losing battle comparing any DA to btc at this point and not fair to a new DA to try to

Twitter Web App : Santiago Velez Yassin M Fair point maybe. I don't know enough of Bitcoin but I've read Satoshi had sent notification in advance of mining the 1st block. I think (what do i know?) there could be a potential issue if Satoshi revealed himself as a US citizen, still held more than 50%, and started selling

Android : The Stoic Hodlr Laura Shin Palley I thought both guests were pretty insightful, especially Gabe. But it was definitely a one sided conversation, and I think could have fostered more insight with a more neutral interviewer that isn't constantly laughing at ripple before waiting for a response from guests

Twitter Web App : Hester Peirce Agreed thank you Hester Peirce! "treat the original capital-raising event for an unlaunched network as a sale of securities, but not to stretch the securities analysis to include subsequent sales of tokens for use on a launched network."

Twitter Web App : The Cryptic Poet this is from April 2020 - I'm wondering if in this past year they actually started supporting XRP or if there had been any developments...

Twitter Web App : After close review of recent Tweets from the Donald J. Trump account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence.


Twitter Web App : Brad Raoul Pal "Yo I read this stat that 70% of BTC is mined in China - maybe if I keep posting it I'll sound really smart!"