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iPhone : Question for the black people. Trump says in Axios video he did more for ya’ll than any President except Lincoln. He said ya’ll have jobs and lots of money because of him.
How much more money do you have now than before he came into “power”? Enough to vote for him?

iPhone : Found a t- shirt I want to make. Says:

Underestimate Me

That’ll Be Fun


iPhone : Stacie The fact that you posted wrong date intentionaly tells me you are joking. Reading your feed tells me you are a resistor. If even a handful of MAGAS show up on the 4th to vote then job well done. 👊🏼

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump California has more covid cases than Florida and should be able to vote by mail. Texas has almost as many cases as Florida and should be able to vote by mail.

Twitter Web App : Anyone who can listen to this man(the orange one) and not see his derangement and disconnect from reality is very intellectually and common sense challenged. twitter.com/thekjohnston/s…

Twitter Web App : Texas failing to count thousands of coronavirus test results in official state total, report says independent.co.uk/news/world/ame…

iPhone : He pleaded with them not to shoot him. They didn’t shoot him, but he’s still dead. Heartbreaking video. twitter.com/steven62172535…

Twitter for iPad : Is it just me or does DT Jr have a whole mess of really really unnatural white teeth? I mean a ton of them? Looks like the grill off a ‘52 Buick in his mouth, only really, really white. 😳🙄

Twitter for iPad : Twitter penalizes Donald Trump Jr. for posting misleading Stella Immanuel coronavirus video - The Washington Post washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/07…

iPhone : My first infusible ink project! Now I have to sell enough stuff to get all the marker sets because I am hooked!

iPhone : Absolutely absurd. Some peoples cornbread ain’t done in the middle. You can tell who they are because they refuse to wear a mask in a pandemic.