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Twitter for iPad : final doodle of the night please accept my techno/Tommy sibling moments

Twitter for iPad : More of the mythical/fantasy au!! King Eret and his brother, Prince Ranboo, they are the rulers of a kingdom called ‘Marigold’ which is represented by yellow flowers <3 🌼

iPhone : hes picking his nation over me. and if he does on friday... i dont know what im gonna do with myself.

#tubbofanart #tommyinnitfanart

iPhone : Meghan Wilcox Exactly!! I’d like to think he’s playing against Wilbur, and whenever he takes his pieces, he sometimes changes them. It’s as if they don’t know who each other’s ‘pieces’ are, so if Dream we’re to place down a bishop, you’d have no idea who that is until it’s too late

iPhone : Every character is a different chess piece , you never know who is who whenever dream is playing the game

iPhone : I really feel like dream smp is one big chess game that dream controls, but he switches the pieces all the time