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iPhone : I told my friend that I'm emotionally "hitting a wall" and she said "Sometimes walls are there so we can lean on them and rest."

I can't even begin to express how much I really needed to hear that.

iPhone : That was a fun and emotional episode. Poor Rogue. Apocalypse is definitely going to bring a new dynamic to the show. We'll see where it goes from here.

iPhone : John Colicos' voice will always be what I hear when I read Apocalypse's lines in the comics. It's so rich and intimidating. pic.twitter.com/82oxKzhCQJ

iPhone : rιαɴ We wish we had some news to tell (or obfuscate) - but, we promise, no one has reached out to us - that doesn’t mean they’re not working on something but they aren’t working on something with us 😔

iPhone : Whenever I get discouraged and want to quit something, I remember the words of my then 3 year-old after she puked carrots all over the living room floor: "I'm gonna need more carrots."

iPhone : Classic X-Men So glad the X-Men show and its toys helped make everyone's childhood memories so enjoyable. I'm glad I had a part of that. Oh, and I do remember having all of these figures at work, btw.

iPhone : XMenTAS “It would be quite disconcerting if this were to detonate. . . disconcerting, yet provocative.” Such a weird yet awesome quote from everyone’s favorite blue fur ball.

iPhone : X-Men: the Animated Series & the X-Men comic series was in many ways allegorical to the Civil Rights movement.

XMenTAS influenced so many kids of the 90s generation.

Let’s, Marvel Entertainment, on #MLKDay, celebrate the show’s African-American director, XMENDirector, Larry F. Houston! twitter.com/generationsofx…