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Twitter Web App : dn just got suggested to me as a facebook friend and i would have added him if i weren't such a wuss but i am and now i'm thinking about him but headed to bed

Twitter Web App : friendly reminder, if you're drained or tired of hearing about black lives matter protests right now - and have the luxury of logging out –– it's a luxury that you have that BLACK people can't. there's no closing an app for the day, when they have to live in their skin.

Nintendo Switch Share : made my giant heart shaped pond into 2 littler heart shaped ponds #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch

iPhone : nobody asked but there’s a weird tenderness to the skin on my right arm and now my right armpit also feels tender wtf is gg on

Twitter Web App : this is so intimidating omg i'm the only asian face in this group and we're so lost and just staring at each other low key sdfjlsdfjlsdjfsdjfdjfsfjslfjlf

Twitter Web App : i just butchered the spelling of that tweet for no reason other than to replicate the sounds of those vowels with umlauts i'm sorry