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Twitter Web App : Update: It has been revealed that Officer Jacob Pederson of the St.Paul Police Department was the culprit responsible for kick starting the riot in South Minneapolis. He was captured on camera and identified by his Ex-wife.

Twitter Web App : I tweeted recently that this cop may be banking on intervention from trump and poof: here it is.…

Twitter Web App : This is how the Washington Post today describes the Hong Kong vs. Minneapolis protests:

The HK protestors bravely defy a police crackdown to resist China while the George Floyd protestors vandalize & are looters who ransacked a Target while ignoring peaceful resolutions.

Twitter Web App : Dear Donald J. Trump: Your Executive Order is a farce. The courts interpret Section 230, not The FCC. Your “US policy” doesn’t matter if it conflicts with the statute or case law. That’s why your EO calls for legislation, which is dead on arrival in House Judiciary Dems. Go pound sand.…

Twitter Web App : I'm confident that with Trump and Barr now monitoring the killing of a black man by police in Minnesota, that criminal charges will be brought by the Justice Dept...

against George Floyd.

Twitter Web App : “If youre not careful, newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people doing the oppressing.” —Malcolm X