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Android : When it’s our turn, my family and I will all be getting vaccinated.

My message to those Londoners who are hesitant about getting a COVID vaccine is that it is safe, effective, has been thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards and will save lives.

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Android : Member States have discussed UK refusal to grant EU embassy in London full status. Foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell: 'It's not a friendly signal, the first one UK has sent us immediately after leaving the EU. If things have to continue like this there are no good prospects.'

Android : Former Trump press secretary Sarah Sanders announces run for Arkansas governor...

Proving once again, that literally ANYTHING can run for public office in the United States...

Android : Are you the same Michael Fabricant who threatened to punch Yasmin alibhai-brown in the throat, called a female teenage constituent a ‘complete twat’, yelled ‘BOLLOCKS!’ during a Parliamentary debate & shared a tweet depicting London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan in a sex act with a pig? twitter.com/Mike_Fabricant…

Android : Even by the standards of this ongoing saga, this is an odd intervention.

Quite how, in one short letter, one can acknoweldge "complexity and the need for nuance" whilst also castigating charities trying to work towards precisely that in regards to history escapes me tbh. twitter.com/Sathnam/status…

Android : Her views, if you're interested, as reported by The Telegraph. The gaslighting is routine. telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/…

Android : Odd letter in The Times today from non-affliated peer (she was literally a Conservative minister btw), and chair of Charity Commission who has publicly suggested The National Trust should be investigated for researching colonial history. I.e. doing its actual job. #EmpireLand

Android : On this day (25 January) 1835 west African Muslims revolted in Brazil, known as the Malê revolt.

A group of predominantly Yoruba Muslim enslaved people and freedmen took inspiration from the Haitian revolution and rose up against their colonial oppressors.

Android : “When they opened everything back up again, the government knew full well that deaths would go back up again," grieving son of pub landlady says.
He believes every death since the first wave is "murder".

Android : Sathnam Sanghera As companies start to fail and people start to lose their jobs and the nation comes to fully realise the cost of Brexit there will be more and more of this. They don't care about the Empire or the National Trust, it is about distraction from political failure. As I know you know.

Android : Sathnam Sanghera The Times “But Baroness Stowell, we *are* seeking to respect the opinions of people we serve - the descendants of slaves who find the lack of acknowledgement of slavery obscene and/or weird”

“I didn’t mean them. I meant... normal people.”

Android : Members apparently quitting ‘sad’ Mar-a-Lago as they ‘don’t want anything to do with Donald Trump’ indy100.com/news/trump-mar…