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Bio I must share these powers with mankind, use them to protect and serve others in need! ...but first...
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Harking back to that experimental pic I did with Crystal lol, very nice fanart. Love how you drew her, dude twitter.com/yellowzonemx/s…

Twitter Web App : Commission for SB99 of his busty warrior girl, Gash! Check her out in his newest animation btw: youtube.com/watch?v=NdLqYC… #regacen

Twitter Web App : Drawsputin🔞 Being the sucker for pain she is, the first thing Crystal does with her mortal body is desecrate it with the Kick Me tattoo on her left cheek.

Twitter Web App : Crystal is formed from when Colombian fertility goddess Kristal possesses troubled youth Carmen to form a new body. #regacen #TheMoreYouKnow