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Twitter Web App : I live next to a school. I have a lot of mixed feelings but hearing the kids play outside...but their laughing & screaming really just made me emotional. It used to be background noise. Every day noise. But I haven't heard that noise since March.

Twitter Web App : Why is the font all fucked up on their statement apologizing for fucking up twitter.com/courtneycgross…

Twitter Web App : The NYPD's Violent Crackdown In Mott Haven Violated Human Rights Laws, Report Finds gothamist.com/news/nypds-vio… via @gothamist

Twitter Web App : The officers were in plain clothes. They were aggressive. Body camera footage doesn't show them identifying themselves. Police bullets killed both Mulkeen and Williams. It was the 2nd friendly fire death of the year. 6/

Twitter Web App : But... even if you're someone who doesn't care about what happened to Williams, then you should care abt how police tactics contributed to Mulkeen's death. 5/

Twitter Web App : The cops were on high alert, because another shooting happened at that location a day or two before that night. Their job was to get guns off the street. That's a big ask of them. 4/

Twitter Web App : Just as it sounds like Mulkeen had a loving, close family, Williams was close with his sister & twin brother. He also had a baby girl. The NYPD has not released any information as to why Williams was stopped by Mulkeen & his team. Officers sprang out of a car; Williams ran. 3/

Twitter Web App : The "criminal" killed along with Mulkeen was Antonio Williams, who apparently had an illegal gun. But the NYPD fed a narrative that Williams was a "thug" & a "gang banger," which has not panned out. Williams did have a burglary charge on his record from his early 20s. 2/

Twitter Web App : The death of Officer Mulkeen, now detective Mulkeen, was indeed tragic. What a terrible night. But it's hard to watch the NYPD continuing to oversimplify narratives like this. It's not just a disserve to the public, but to the NYPD itself. 1/ twitter.com/NYPDPBBronx/st…

Twitter Web App : The Times' reporting lays out in incredible detail what it means for Trump to be in business while he's in the White House.

Heather Vogell, Ilya Marritz, and I talked about how those details fit into what we know after reporting on Trump's finances for 3 years


Twitter Web App : "By the way: why don’t the NYPD wear masks? What message does that send?" — Cuomo, raising a good point while simultaneously evading a question about whether he'll overrule de Blasio's targeted shutdown threat