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Doh Kyungsoo. EXO D.O. ONLY ❤

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Android : It is always within our interest to correct information when they are inaccurate✨

We want people to know D.O. is a main vocalist afterall, dont we?

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Android : Slm. Mohon warga twitter dpt bantu sebar🙏🏻

Kami mencari saksi kejadian kemalangan Arwah Amirulzaman, melibatkan motorsikal FZ & lori di Elite Hway arah utara, 19/1/2021 jam 6.00-6.30pm

Kawan aku nak dptkn keadilan & tuntutan bagi isteri arwah abgnya & anak yatim yg ditinggalkan

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Android : True that. He just listened to everyone i guess. i mean he cant be listening to arctic monkeys so this at least is good 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Android : Kyungsoo literally said hes preparing some fun things and that hes going to show us a different side of him that we havent seen before.. Ahhh im so excited!!!!