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Android : Great #community share by Learnk8s
Comparison of Kubernetes Ingress Controllers…
#Azure #Microsoft #Cloud #Kubernetes #K8s #Containers #Ingress #Comparison

Twitter Web App : Madhukar Nayak Learnk8s Thanks, To start off with we selected the popular ones. we will expand the comparison over time. Do you have any controller in mind which will be a good addition to this comparison ?

Twitter Web App : How do you choose the *right* Kubernetes Ingress controller when:

- Not all Ingress controllers support UDP
- Only Kong has a free LDAP integration
- Nginx Ingress and HAProxy are the only two ingress without CRDs

Weve put together a comparison:…

Twitter Web App : The Secrets of Life in the Words of Steve Jobs

via the super creative artist Aaron Aalto

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Twitter Web App : Wow! This thread is everything which is wrong with Indian Education start-ups today.

Every startup is becoming a hifi entry prep coaching shop. Instead of creating more opportunities, or making learning fun, they're putting more and more pressure on kids.…

Twitter Web App : It will also make it easy to upgrade your specs on the fly, similar to subscriptions, change as per your needs.

thoughts ?

Twitter Web App : Since all that is needed is just IO devices, many new manufactures will sprout and that is where I see things like hand held devices
merge and take care of connectivity, network etc. Like imagine using your phone and IO devices to get access to a top end remote machine.

Twitter Web App : Okay what if this solution matures and is ready for consumer grade remote machines and all you need is just IO devices ?
Majority of the companies which assemble hardware to create a final product like apple or dell might become obsolete or atleast that BU will not make sense.

Twitter Web App : I think that it is just a matter of time and once the solution behind Stadia or Xcloud matures enough the next ideal step will be towards making physical hardware obsolete.

Twitter Web App : A conversation which I have had with few friends went like this, there solutions already where you can run a VM with Windows and connect with Remote access but this solution is not ready enough to make physical hardware obsolete.

Twitter Web App : how long before companies do what they are trying to do(Stadia, Xcloud) to game consoles
for consumer level personal computers, where all your compute, memory etc are in the cloud and all you is IO devices.

Twitter Web App : For people who are 5-6 years older than me their first computer were desktops with CRT monitors, for me it was Desktop with LCD monitors,
for many people who are younger than me their first computer was a laptop.
How long before the way we see computers evolve and take new form?

Twitter Web App : 🔥🚀Announcing Promscale: a new open-source analytical platform & long-term store for PrometheusMonitoring, with the combined power of SQL and PromQL

✅10M+ metrics/sec
✅PBs of storage
✅Rock-solid reliability
&more 1/

Twitter Web App : Fully automated dev, test, prod environments with EKS, Terraform and the ALB Ingress Controller? ✅ check that!

I had the pleasure to work with Kris on this guide and if you're looking for a fully automated setup of dev, test and prod... this is the way!