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Twitter Web App : This article really explains a lot with the anxiety I've felt during Trumpism. It was healing to read. Thanks Elizabeth🥰 twitter.com/yourauntemma/s…

Twitter Web App : One of my favourite follows Elizabeth Mika wrote an article (will put link in the next tweet) and she reminded me of how important Kazimierz Dąbrowskis work was. The past year or so has been a time of collective positive disintegration.

One of my favourite Dąbrowski works-

Twitter Web App : Elizabeth Mika Third Factor Yes!! Thanks, will love reading this. I am 100% behind positive disintegration both on an individual and institutional level and this is of course what has been happening over the past year, worldwide. I am an ardent aficionado of Dabrowskis work.

Heres a treat 😊

Twitter Web App : This was a great read. It really put some of the work I am personally doing with my trauma-informed healing into perspective. twitter.com/yourauntemma/s…

Twitter Web App : Linda Kay Miller Linda, I believe that we are all given what we need for each day's work, and that includes interactions w/ people who come our way. To do that, and just that, here and now, with love, is our task -- simple, tho not easy. The rest is up to God.

Twitter Web App : A reminder that our evolving ordeal, individual and collective, is an invitation to transformation -- this is in fact its very purpose: twitter.com/yourauntemma/s…

Twitter Web App : LilyGreen 😂😬

Well, all things are possible with God. Should Trump grow a conscience and convert, that would be... something.

I'm glad to see, tho, that at least one of his supporters doesn't see him as "Christianity's last hope."😅

Twitter Web App : Elizabeth Mika

This is the creation of a National Industrial Complex. It is a brilliant thing. It is a huge step toward the establishment of a Welfare Industrial Complex (WIC).

The next natural step in the WIC is realization of a single-payer


Twitter Web App : David But this kind of change happens always by the grace of God. We can't effect it by our doings and willpower. We can ask, tho, and be open to receive.

Twitter Web App : David The instantaneous change / healing is possible, however, wrt to addictions and other psychological, and not only, problems. Bill Wilson, founder of AA, is a famous example. There are countless others.

Twitter Web App : David If so, it's a misinterpretation. The verse is an invitation to open up to Grace, and to work in collaboration with it on continuous inner change. It also invites us to "test" God's will for us, allowing us to retain our faculties of discernment and reason.